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GALLEY-LA COMPANY [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Rob Lucci

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Preparations are in order. [Sep. 16th, 2008|08:52 pm]
Rob Lucci
[Tags|, ]

Work is steadily waning by small margins, likely due to the impending Aqua Laguna. The flocks of tourists, thrill-seekers, and temp workers have lessened. On the other hand, filthy, low-bounty pirates and amateur thieves love to arrive just before the floods occur. These vermin are merely minor irritations, who are attempting to make a name for themselves by causing trouble in Water 7. They are quickly removed like the infection they are.

This season, I am assisting the lower levels with bolting and sealing of homes and private establishments. I believe my co-worker, Paulie, is setting up shelter inside a yard. Thankfully, I live comfortably above the lower levels, although I will have to prepare my home for a last-minute guest some time this week. For anyone not following my entries, a small feline has followed me home, and now refuses to leave. Against my better judgment, I will allow it to stay... for now. I am taking suggestions for a name.

[ooc: Water 7 is very similar to Venice. Except that they seasonally experience Aqua Laguna, which is a massive storm/flood, during which most of the city is completely underwater.]
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[public] [Sep. 10th, 2008|10:19 pm]
Rob Lucci
[Tags|, ]

Company orders have been unrelenting. Today is the first time I feel I've been allowed minor moments of relaxation. A drink would be nice. My apartment feels almost foreign to me these last weeks, I've hardly even slept in my own bed.

Also, a cat has followed me from work today - actually, this will be the fourth day. Hattori is quite unhappy, and takes much persuading before he will perch on my shoulder when I leave the apartment. However, I find myself unable to dispatch my feline guest. Perhaps he will simply leave by the morning.
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(no subject) [Aug. 18th, 2008|07:21 pm]
Rob Lucci

For those of you not familiar with Water 7, you were lucky in your absence the last few days. Apparently, there was a wild leopard loose in the streets. Most news was through rumor and gossip via coworkers, so one cannot guess the validity of their claims of a vagrant being picked off sometime in the night. Regardless, I believe it to be safe in Zousenshima, since I doubt a leopard would have much business in a shipyard.

Hattori is still refusing to come sit on my shoulder. I believe he mistook me for the supposed predator cat when I came home late last night, and he is still quite upset. He can be so stubborn sometimes.

[locked to everyone]

Strange... since I've eaten the neko neko no mi, there have only been rare instances when found myself unable to revert back to human form. Granted, I hardly ever entirely transform into a leopard, but this experience felt extremely unusual. For a split second there, I began to think I really was a leopard. Poor Hattori, I would've eaten him this time, but good companions are just too hard to find.
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